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How to write Apps?


What is an App?

Dictionary defines "app" i.e. an "application software" as tool that is operated by means of computer with purpose of supporting or improving the software.

In today’s world these applications are software which people like to spend their time with thereby giving opportunity to software developers to create an engaging experience which users can plug into and allowing software developers to make some money from their efforts.

Where can I publish my apps?

With the advent of Facebook and iPhone apps have become import aspect of all major platform developers. Lot of different app platforms have sprung up in last one year. Here’s quick list of them:

· Facebook: http://developers.facebook.com/

· iPhone:  http://developer.apple.com

· Android: http://developer.android.com/index.html

· Blackberry: http://na.blackberry.com/eng/developers/

· Windows Mobile: http://gizmodo.com/5044038/skymarket-windows-mobiles-app-store

Who can write an App?

Anyone with some software development experience can write apps. To write an apps all it takes is familiarity with development framework available for the corresponding app platform, a device to test your application and in some cases some initial fee to get rights to submit application.

App platform

Initial Fee

Revenue Agreement

Application development platform/Programming language.

Additional Application development costs



All apps are free. Earn money from ads and premium features in applications.

PHP, Web programming,

Hosted website.


USD 99

30% Apple, 70% Developer from sale of application

Objective C

Need mac book to install apple SDK



Windows Phone

Why should I worry?

Everyone wants money for what they do, so do software developer. Lot of people have become millionaires by writing and selling applications. Would you not want to be part of the phenomenon?

What's all about the money making with Apps?

You can make money for your apps either by selling them or advertising via them. Either way  if you can write a good app you have large potential to make lot of money.

Which software programing languages do I need to know?

All app platforms have different programming language needs. Look at table above.

I don't know a software programming language. How can I participate?

If you have a great idea that may be interesting for others, you might want to hire a developer to implement the idea into a software app. Else use your creativity on how can you sell the apps others have developed. There are many other ways like selling&reselling of apps that can bring cash inflow to your pocket.

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